Who are we? 

 SMART AND SUSTAINABLE CONSTRUCTIONS (CIS), here we train future master students who will design and execute intelligent and sustainable constructions. We will teach them how to use resources in such a way that future generations do not run out of them.

What do we do? 

 We learn to save energy, use new materials, integrate buildings into the environment.      Let's calculate, equip them with devices that can make our lives easier and safer, and then put all this into practice.


What will we learn from this study program?

Let's understand and apply the science of sustainability!
Discover and use state-of-the-art technologies. Learning to pioneer a field where science fiction is at home


Where do we want to go?

 Let's build by saving energy, protecting the environment.     

Let us enter into the mysteries of the science of building, respecting nature.   

 Let's learn rules, which applied to human life, would be in harmony with nature.