Journal of Applied Engineering Sciences (JAES) is a double-blind peer-reviewed, electronic and printed journal that publishes original, high-quality research on topics broadly related to Civil Engineering and Geodesy. The journal focuses on theoretical and application papers with especial attention to young scientists. The journal appears bi-yearly in May and December. There is no article submission charges but a publication fee is introduced at 150 EUR, to be paid after the paper has been accepted for publication. There is no waiver policy in place.
ournal of Applied Engineering Sciences (JAES) is a scientifical journal devoted to presentation and discussion of information on the ultimate issues in the civil, installations, geodesic, electrical and energetical engineering fields. The journal addresses news and various problems which such fields confronts both national and international level. JAES is designed for scientists, researchers (including doctoral students), engineers and managers, regardless of their discipline, who are involved in scientific, technical or other issues related in the journal domains. Emphasis is placed on integrated approaches. These approaches require both technical and nontechnical factors. Even the dissemination and application of innovative information is very important, the implementation of existing literature in the JAES related topics and the adress’s contributions also requires a clear understanding from as many other scientific areas as possible.