Latest ISSUE Vol.13(26) ISSUE 2 2023 (full text)

Y. Abbas, R. Djebien, N. Toubal Seghir, O. Benaimeche

Enhancing Mechanical Behaviour and Durability of High Performance Concrete with Silica Fume, Ground Blast Furnace Slag, and Marble Powder 

B. Aissat-Arab, R. Mehaddene, Y. Boucheneb

Effect of Special Cement CPA on the Characteristic Properties of Cementitious Materials Based Waste Glass Powder: Poozolanic Activity and Heat Treatment 

D. Atlaoui, K. Ghouilem

Effect of Chipped Fiber Languor on the Bending Behavior of Concret Beam Elements  

T. Dithurson a, C. Daniel a, *, S. Vivekananda Sharma b, G. Hemalatha b, Shalini R. Naira,A. Arun Solomon


Moufida Bourema, I. Goual, A. Ferhat

Drying Shrinkage, Sorptivity and Micro-Structural Characteristics of Cellular Concrete Containing Waste Marble Powder as Cementitious Materials 

Jayalakshmi Dheiveekan, S.S. Bhosale

Design of Geotextile Reinforced Gravel Roads Using Giroud and Han Approach for Indian Condition  

K. Ghouilem, D. Atlaoui, S. Merakeb

Creep Behavior of the Clay Cores at the Bougdoura Dam Using ANSYS Software 

Sz. Hadi, A.-S. Kis

Structural Analysis of Historical Cantilevered Stone Staircases 

M.L.K. Khouadjia, S. Bensalem, A.A. Belkadi, O. Kessal, M.A. Sebti

Influence of the Shape and Content of Steel and Aluminum Fibers from Industrial Lathe Wastes on the Physico-Mechanical and Rheological Behavior of Concret 

M. Jawad, M. Muzffar Iqbal, M. Latif, Gul-e-Zahra Azhar, M. Adil Sultan, S.Naveed

Optimizing Local Resources in Pakistan to Produce High-Strength Reactive Powder Concrete 

Humaira Kanwal, M. Adil, Naushaba Azhar, N. Amin, M. Faisal Rehman, A. Javed, A. R. Awan, M. Tahir, Sadia Mughal, M. Asim

Improvement in Long Term Bonding and Mechanical Performance by Using Glass Concrete in Combination with Xanthan Gum Exposed to Harsh Environment  

P. Kapalo, F. Domniţa, C. Bacoţiu, H. Albu, M. Chvatal

How Much Air is Needed to Ventilate the Gym? – Case Study 

P. Kokate, S. Sadistap, A. Middey

Drone-Aided Particulate Monitoring System for Industrial Complex to Analyze the Dust Suppressing Capacity

Hafidha Maouel, K. Mohammedi

Simulation asnd Analysis of a Solar Cooling System 

V. Marusceac, Alexandra D. Danciu, Madalina Ciotlaus, M.L. Dragomir

Influence of Speed Brakers on Traffic Generated Noise Levels

U. Siddique, M. Jawad, Asif Ali, Shahan M. Cheema, M. Adil Sultan, M. Jamshaid Akhtar

Green Cement Valuation: an Optimistic Approach to Carbon Dioxide Reduction

Simona Stanca

Improving Energy Efficiency in a Building Using Passive Energy-Saving Measures 

I.N.A. Thanaya, I.M. Swasnawa, I.G.N.A.K. Putra

Plastic Wall Block from Thin Waste Plastics Wrap and Waste Engine Oil without and with Filling Material

V. Todea, D. Dan, S.C. Floruț, V. Stoian, V.Ș. Popescu

Numerical Study on the Seismic Performance of Hybrid Shear Walls with Centered Openings 

G.M. Vangu, A. Croitoru, M. Mitrache, N. Dima

Design of a GIS Database for Surface Mining

G.L. Ionescu, Gh.C. Ionescu

Atmospheric Pollutant Dispersion Modeling Methods