Latest ISSUE   Vol.9(22) issue 2/december 2019 (full text)

Bhatti Imtiaz Ali, Abdullah Abd Halid, Nagapan Sasitharan, Bhatti Nabi Bux, Lakhiar Muhammad Tahir, Mahar Muntazir Mahdi

Building Construction Labour Productivity in Arid Climate Environment

Divandari Hassan

Predict of Asphalt Rutting Potential based on IDT and Validation with ANN

Javadzadeh P.

Investigating the Effect of nanomaterials on Resistance Parameters of Clay Soil

Karimi F., Ranjbaran A., Amirian P.

Effect of R, µ and T on the Fragility Curves for Two Spans Reinforced Concrete Highway Bridges

Maturi Foad, Behdarvandi Askar Mehdi

Experimental Study of the effects of Flow Discharge, Diameter, and Depth on Shear Stress in a Rectangular Channel with Rigid Unsubmerged Vegetation

Nadiri P., Mahdavinejad M., Pilechiha P.

Optimization of Building Façade to Control Daylight Excessiveness and View to Outside 

Rezapour Arash, Setoudeh Farbod, Tavakoli Mohammad Bagher

Design an improved structure for 10-bit Pipeline Analog to Digital converter based on 0.18µm CMOS Technology

Rind Touqeer Ali, Jhatial Ashfaque Ahmed, Sandhu Abdul Razzaque, Bhatti Imtiaz Ali, Ahmed Sajeel

Fatugue and Rutting Analysis of Asphaltic Pavement using “Kenlayer” Software

Sandhu Abdul Razzaque, Rind Touqeer Ali, Kalhoro Shahbaz Ali, Lohano Rahol, Laghari Faizan Hyder

Effect on the Compressive Strength of Mortars using Ground Granulated Blast Furnace Slag a Partial Replacemant of Cement

Scăunaș Sofia, Păunescu C., Merciu G.-L.

Spatial-Temporal Analysis of Land Cover and Use Changes using GIS TOOLS. Case Study Băneasa Neghborhood, Bucharest

Sebki Ghania, Safi Brahim, Chahour Kahina

Recycling of Founfry Sand Wastes in Self-Compacting Mortars: Use as Cementitous Materials and Fine Aggregates

Zabirov F.Sh., Latypov B.M., Sharafiev R.G., Gilmanshin R.A.

Transport of Solid Particles with Fluid Flow in Rotating Pipes

Blaga Lucian, Josan Ioana, Herman Grigore Vasile, Grama Vasile, Nistor Sorin, Suba Norbert-Szabolcs

Assessment of the Forest Health through Remote Sensing Techniques in Valea Rosie Natura 2000 Site, Bihor County, Romania

ISSUE   Vol.9(22) issue 1/may 2019 (full text)

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Adamczyk Tomasz, Bieda Agnieszka, Parzych Piotr

Appraisal of Real Estate with Various Functions in the Context of Sustainable Development

Adhikary Suman Kumar, Rudzionis Zymantas, Zubrus Marijus

Investigations of the Influence of Polystyrene Foamed Granules on the Properties of Lightweight Concrete 

Ancas Ana Diana, Turcanu Florin-Emilian, Profire Mihai, Verdes Marina, Balan Marius Costel

Indoor Climate Simulation in a Church During Winter Season

Bagcal Orlando, Baccay M.

Influence of Agricultural Waste Ash as Pozzolana on the Physical Properties and Compressive Strength of Cement Mortar 

Bazarov S., Belenkiy Y., Martynov B., Soloviev A.

System Analysis of Reliability Theory Foundations 

Ebrahimnezhadian H., Manafpour M.

Investigating the Effect of Aeration on the Flow Characteristics around Under Pressure Tunnel Aerator Using Openfoam Open Source Software

Emami Seyed Morteza, Ravanshadnia Mehdi, Rahimi Mahmood

Analysis and Modeling of Energy Demand System in Iran's Buildings and the Industry

Hakimian Saeed, Mosallanezhad Mansour

The Comparison of Laboratory Tests and Numerical Analysis of Pressure and Tension Bearing Capacities of the New System of Microbulb and Micropile System on Clay in Shiraz, Iran

Hoțupan Anca, Mare Roxana, Hădărean Adriana

Water Loss Reduction in Water Distribution Networks. Case Study

Jedkareh O., Gholi Zad A.

Investigation of Fatigue Damage in General, Prestress and Concrete Beam Reinforced with FRP Sheets and Concrete Beam Influenced by Mix Beam Under Periodic Load in Linear and Nonlinear Phase

Mehrani Seengar Ali, Bhatti Imtiaz Ali, Bhatti Nabi Bux, Jhatial Ashfaque Ahmed, Lohar Mouzzam Ali

Utilization of Rubber Powder of Waste Tyres in Foam Concrete

Momayez Ayatollah

Role and Position of R&D Units in the Construction Management Industry

Rajak Manoj, Rai Baboo

Effect of Micro Polypropylene Fibre on the Performance of Fly Ash-Based Geopolymer Concrete

Rashtbar H., Nazmfar H., Samadzadeh R.

Evaluating Enjoyment of Urban Regions through Innovative City Indicators with an Emphasis on Social and Cultural Indicators (a Case Study: ­Tabriz Metropolis)

Sadeghpour Mahmoud

Technical-Economical Comparison Between Vertical Link Beam and Knee Brace Systems in Mid-Rise Steel Buildings

Turcanu Florin-Emilian, Ancas Ana Diana, Profire Mihai, Verdes Marina, Balan Marius Costel

Thermal Comfort Modeling of a Church Heated with Static Heaters