The modern concept of execution of works can be defined nowadays as the meticulous and complete preparation, on a determined flow, depending on all the conditional factors and imposed parameters, leading to solutions that ensure the highest degree of functionality of the works to be executed.
   With these guidelines in mind, the volume of the annual national (with international participation) conference of the Faculty of Construction, Cadastre and Architecture - University of Oradea, Modern Technologies for the IIIrd Millennium (TMPMIII), wants to bring together under its auspices those specialists in the field of Construction, Cadastre, Architecture, Sanitary Engineering or hybrid of these domains, and their concrete works that include advanced and modern technologies through topics with a variety of problems in Civil Engineering’s area solved.
   In fact, one of the priorities facing the community academic activity with activity limited to solving problems in the fields described above is the training of young people in a well-structured system, which will give them a real chance for the future and meet the perspective requirements of society.
   In this acceptation, the conference TMPMIII tries to bring together innovative academics, experts and practitioners in the field of Civil Engineering, Cadastre or Architecture and Urbanism to a common forum. We encourage even interdisciplinary disciplines which have an impact or are related with domains from above.
   For a more accurate, the TMPMIII Conference’s editors use a Review Policy based on the double-blind review. Also, to ensure the quality standards imposed by WoS, the scientific papers received from the authors are subject to blind peer reviewing by Scientific Board. The objective of the scientific evaluation is ensuring that all the papers that are accepted to be published in volume have a high value of the scientific content and original contributions to the specific topic.
   The Peer-Review Scientific Board members ensure that:
      - the manuscripts correspond to the requirements of the „Instruction for Authors”;
      - the title of the paper corresponds to the topics of the journal;
      - the paper is original and brings new aspects and contributions to the field;
      - the paper has an adequate scientific content;
      - the „aims” of the work is clearly stated;
      - the eventual measurements are interpreted adequately in the „discussion” section;
      - the „English wording” is readable and acceptable.
   Recommendation for publication:
      - Reject (explain reason in report);
      - Accept without revision;
      - Revise – either major or minor (explain the revision that is required).
   The editor ultimately decides whether to accept or reject the article.
   The topic proposed by the conference and reflected in the articles published in the volume, presents areas of interest and topicality for the realization of a cooperative base at national and international level.
   With other words, the TMPMIII Conference intends to contribute towards the transfer of background knowledge and expertise in Civil Engineering, Constructions, Sanitary Installations, Architecture, Urbanism, Cadastral Survey, Geosciences and Environmental Sciences, Foreign Language on the Engineering Sciences on national and international level.  
   The principal objectives of the conference are to:
  • transfer knowledge and information to representatives of key organizations/institutions, industry and technical associations involved in educational process;
  • enhance the potential of the author’s materials, research and background information;
  • contribute to the consistent and timely implementation of the news in these domains;
  • facilitate exchange of views, networking and cooperation.