Conference 2022


The integration of new technologies and automation into the architecture-to-construction pipeline

Boca M.C., Levy A.A.


The formative nucleus of the villages on the territory of Romania - The administrative and educational structures in the rural fabric

Pescaru A.H., Zsák I.G., Cseke A., Hebe G.M., Szabo A.M.



Modernization of the land and buildings registration with the use of an orthophotomap made with the UAV

Banaś K., Banaś M.


Analysis of meteorological data in the years 2010-2020 in the catchment area of the San river using GIS

Banaś K., Banaś M.



A comparative techno-economic study of foundational solutions using piles for a building situated on a hillside with possible slope instability

Durgheu A.M., Pop T. M.


Integrated management of biodiversity conservation measures in the Ier Hydrographic Basin

Gligor E., Gomboș D., Hora C., Hora H., Florin D., Majoros N.


Comparative studies and research on the energy optimization of buildings through the using of renewable sources

Ionescu G.L., Ionescu Gh.C., Gal J.


Theoretical and practical corrosion aspects of metal structures

Ionescu Gh.C., Badea G.E., Marin L., Ionescu G.L., Dzitac S., Porumb C.L., Badea, P.G.


Nomographic Charts for a Quick Assessment of the Necessary Shear Reinforcement Area

Pop T. M. 


Considerations regarding the restoration and maintenance of constructions realized with digital fabrication techniques

Savu C.



Aspects regarding the sustainable rehabilitation of buildings in the European legislative context

(Prada) Hanga-Farcas I. F., Bungau C. C., Ríos-Fernández J.C., Cristea M., Scurt A. A., Toadere M.